LINDA MEADORHello, I have some important news for you. If you are like me you have spent years buying skincare and searching for a true skin rejuvenation from those products. LOL... still looking right?

As you will come to see my husband is a biophysics researcher who responded to a request from me to help my sensitive skin. To our surprise he ended up discovering an entirely new bio-energy based skin delivery system that will dynamically transform the quality of your complexion, whether you are presently young or mature.

Search no more. Take a few minutes and see what this natural based innovation can do to make your skin look so much better. And now this opens our skincare offerings for other transformations with our Custom Vibration Crèmes!

Radiance,  noun:  1.  The characteristics ascribed to the emanation originating from a celestial, organic, or energy body.


All forms of life are composed of at least two-thirds water and are governed by the properties of water.

All forms of life continuously bathe in a sea of energy that pervades throughout the universe.

Beautiful Skin can be both achieved and maintained over the long term with an energy enhanced skin regime containing the proper radiance.

While there is much talk these days about a radiant looking vitalized skin, so far this has only been attractive sounding ad copy for selling products.

Radiant Skin Sciences is a high technology company focused on a unique area of natural based energy protocols.

As a result of over a decade of research, you can now  invigorate your skin to a higher level of vitality and a more youthful state of appearance.

The advanced skincare products offered here include our exclusive Vital Cell Induction Process.

This is a proprietary biophysics energy enhancement for skincare and is a remarkable advancement representing a breakthrough for the 21st Century.

Advanced Skin Rejuvenation 


Custom Vibration Crèmes

Everywhere In Nature We Find The Energies That Surround All of Life

Biological Energies Found in Water Come From Nature's Radiance And Are The Clock Work Mechanism For Maintaining All Of Life


Vital Cell Induction Process

Radiant Skin Sciences is a highly innovative company that is focused on the application of advanced biophysics technology for the benefit of the skin. We own the global rights for the proprietary Vital Cell Induction Process. This is a non-chemical natural based improvement on the state of the art for skincare elevating the vitality of your skin and is truly a world-class breakthrough for consumers desiring a highly effective product in their skincare.

With this breakthrough technology we bring skincare products into the 21st  Century by working much more pervasively into your skin and our novel energy input dynamic now delivers a far more effective benefit than previously seen before from your skincare.

Whether you are trying to renew the look of your skin towards a more youthful appearance or you are simply seeking to preserve a good looking complexion, our unique highly vitalized products are your best tool as they elevate the health of your skin.  




Aging Skin Can Now Be Truly Revitalized With Advanced Biophysical Skincare

What Can Our Exclusive Vital Cell Induction Do For You?

What can you expect from Dermagen? No Empty Promises


ü     From the first few days onward - notice a lasting prominent moisture

ü     Starting in the first few days see an improvement in your overall look

ü     In only 1 week wrinkles begin noticeably reducing

ü     In only 1 week skin brightness is noticeably improving

ü     1st week & onward the skin softness and smoothness is vastly superior

ü     2-3 weeks wrinkles and firmness greatly  improving & will continue

ü     The Biophysics input rejuvenates your matrix deeply and thoroughly

ü     The Biophysics technology provides a unique long-term preservation  

Dermagen is needed for young complexions. 

Many of you coming to this website for the first time may think that this is only about an anti-aging skincare and is designed for those with mature complexions... and you may think you don't need that yet. Wrong! 

Ladies in their 20's and 30's need to start early to protect their complexion. In fact, while it may not yet show any signs, the skin matrix structure upon which your complexion is built typically peaks in your early twenties, and begins to maintain reduced levels of hyaluronic acid that eventually comes to include reduced collagen and elastin with the passage of more time. 

As THE security guard for your beautiful complexion, you must start as early as possible to try control what goes on with your skin matrix. Our innovative biophysical input will help to build these critical components while simultaneously slowing down the aging process.

Dermagen CS is a remarkable skincare advancement that now embraces proactive complexion management as a science. This exceptional breakthrough performance is now presented to the consumer as a result of years of product development.

Dermagen CS is like no other skincare product you have ever used before

  • Bountiful Hydration That Runs Deep
  • World Class Line and Wrinkle Reduction
  • Regeneration of Tired Skin into a Fresh Looking Complexion!
  • Firming and Sag Reduction with Continue Use
  • All Natural Based Formula
  • Exclusive Biophysics Input For Enhanced Performance
  • Will Preserve a Youthful Looking Complexion and Forestall Skin Aging
  • Simply use as your overnight moisturizer and a light application during the day



The Dermagen CS product line is distributed exclusively by skin care professionals and is the most advanced topically applied skin rejuvenation protocol available in the world today.

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